Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pow-WOW!!! 12/10/08

Tonight's session was productive!
Jason's drawings:
Jason started the night out with a drawing of a kitty that cannot be described without the word "cute":

Jason's other drawings:

This one has to be my favorite of Jason's drawings:

Mikey's drawings:
Mark, one of the awesome baristas here at Common Grounds:

Pow-WOW!!! 11/28/08

It was a fun-filled evening of drawing and exploring and discussion.
Jason's drawings:
The young lady on the right is Ariel:

Mikey's drawings
Jason asked me to draw a caricature of him, so I tried a few variations.
Version 1:
Ariel was a very nice and patient model (even though I was totally busted, she sat very still while I drew.) She said that Jason's drawing was "more flattering," he hee.