Wednesday, February 25, 2009


More happy campers!
Here is Mikey's drawing of Ali, the lovely and charming barista at the infamous Common Grounds, where we meet for the Pow-WOW!!!

And the Happy Camper with her drawing:

The photo is blurry, I had been drinking Brazilian coffee all night.


2/20/09 – Rubenking Benefit
On Friday the 20th, members of the Pow-WOW!!! drew caricatures at a benefit concert to raise money for the Rubenking Medical Fund. There was a large crowd of friends, family, and others there to show support and lend a hand. We had a lot of fun and drew a whole bunch of people. By the end of the evening, the donation can was full. We were happy to help out some folks in need.

Here are some of the happy campers.
Jason’s happy campers:

Mikey’s happy campers:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pow-WOW!!! 01/28/09

Here are some of Mike's caricatures from the 1/28/09 Pow-WOW!!! using the gray markers:
That smile...
That nose...
That hair...
I really love the way the gray markers work, and how they look.